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Alexander Esenov - Owner Esenov Consulting


When I connected with Scott I was totally stuck in my business, I was having a hard time generating targeted leads and closing deals. I am more than glad I started working with him. I found out Scott knows his stuff. His methods work, AND you see results in a short amount of time. Scott's' fantastic leadership makes him an amazing mentor and I'm glad I made his coaching part of building my business.

I highly recommend Scott's services if you want to take your business to the next level.

Marcela Lopez -Owner Job-Platform


If you are looking to make continuous organic leads Scott is your expert. Not only has Scott generated continuous leads for us but has gone above and beyond fine tuning so that I had to ask him to slow down.   In addition Scott generates leads that will convert through his proven system, experience and expertise making my life easier and generating clients that need my services.   Don’t wait until you beat yourself down to the wall to contact this expert be proactive as the results are freaking massive.  Thank you Scott for your dedication, powerful techniques and strategies that have made us invincible!

James Foster Jr. - Owner AEF Media


Scott Reed is a seasoned veteran when it comes to marketing strategies. I asked Scott to help me grow my B2B marketing outreach. I used his method for direct outreach on Linkedin and needless to say, the results blew me away. He also helped me take my Sales Skills to a much higher level. I high recommend you work with Scott if you are looking to grow your business.

Nate Bunger - Owner Dream Life Media


Scott introduced me to and helped me understand some advanced methods for direct outreach marketing. He also over-delivered on the details and really made sure I came away with a new framework for putting it into action. I highly recommend Scott to anyone considering working with him

Rob Hochstein - Owner Rob Hochstein Marketing


Scott Reed knows his stuff when it comes to LinkedIn. I'm a seasoned vet myself when it comes to LinkedIn Strategy and after Scott's coaching I was able to improve my strategy, some techniques and even my mindset on what I think is possible.   

If you're seriously looking to use LinkedIn to grow your business...and you should be...then I highly recommend talking with Scott. He's professional and his experience with LinkedIn has created a Laser Like Focus on getting results for his clients and students.

Jon Ladd - Owner Ladd Search Consulting


Scott is a consummate marketing professional and demand generation expert. Working with him, I've found new ways to cut costs and add to the bottom line. He recently turned me on to an awesome new opportunity and I have no doubt that it's going to be great! I highly recommend working with Scott.